Games safer than ever!
New printing technology

At a time when shaking hands has become an act of bravado, playing together involves a lot of risk and many people decide to give up on fun. What if we could offer safe games that automatically disinfect themselves without any undue harm to people or the environment?

Joining forces for your health

For the first time in the history of game manufacturing, printing has joined forces with nanotechnology to develop a product that is effective and safe at the same time. The ground-breaking solution - a biocidal varnish based on precise nanoparticles - was developed after thorough research carried out with the safety of players in mind. Biocidal Coating provides a wide range of test-proven benefits without any harmful effects. Reliability goes hand in hand with the concern for the environment.

Nanoparticle technology

Our breakthrough solution based on nanoparticle technology ensures safety on many levels.

Safe for children and allergy patients

All products coated with the new varnish are safe for children and allergy patients.

Environmentally friendly

Products made with nanotechnology are environmentally-friendly and odourless.

Innovative varnish

The surface covered with an innovative varnish coating has long-lasting biocidal, fungicidal, virucidal and hypo-allergenic properties.

No disinfection necessary

Products coated with our biocidal varnish do not have to be disinfected, which makes games made using this technology a perfect fit for kindergartens, day care centres and even hospitals.

Special varnish

The efficacy of the innovative varnish was confirmed in tests.

Biocidal Coating

Minimised risk of infection transmission

With state-of-the-art technology, we can minimise the risk of transmission of infections while using our games. A special Biocidal Coating logo, which can be found on the boxes of games made using this technology, informs customers about the implemented solution.

Technology details

Innovative varnishes

Nanochemistry these days is one of the most rapidly developing fields of science that already starts changing our everyday lives. That is why we decided to harness the power of nanotechnology to create our innovative varnish. The coatings used for our games contain silver and copper nanoparticles embedded in nanoceramics – materials known for their biocidal properties. The nanoceramics improve the stability of Ag and Cu nanoparticles and their bioactivity, which ensures great biocidal properties of the varnish, allowing it to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses that settle on the surface coating.

Biocidal varnish

Reducing germ migration

The unique biocidal coatings developed by our company prevent migration of bacteria and viruses between players. Unlike traditional disinfection methods (usually employing alcohol-based products) the varnish is permanent, does not generate unpleasant smell and does not require us to do anything.

Biocidal varnish

A global breakthrough

Biocidal Coating technology meets the increased expectations of users in times that demand special protection measures. Thanks to our biocidal varnish, children do not have to give up playing and adults can breathe a sigh of relief and stop worrying about their safety – even in the midst of a pandemic.

Self-disinfecting products are especially useful in places where children play in larger groups, such as kindergartens or day care centres. Safe games contribute to rebuilding a damaged sense of community without exposing users to the possibility of infection!


Proven technology

In order to prove the effectiveness of the innovative coating, it was tested against a whole panel of dangerous microbes.

We are proud to say that our innovative product passed this test!

The Biocidal Coating technology is a bespoke and proprietary solution by Fabryka Kart — a brand, which has been making games and playing cards for over 70 years. We supply renowned publishers and game designers from all over the world. We also make original advertising gadgets for companies and agencies, based on our extensive experience — we carry on the tradition of the Krakowska Fabryka Kart, originally established in 1947. As a Polish company, we are leading the European market of playing cards and games.